Friday, April 15, 2016

The Earth Book - Book Extension

Yesterday, I was out half day and came in to work at lunch.  When I entered the room it was as if someone had flipped a switch and changed all of the children I know and love into OMGoodness, I don't know what.  I almost said children of the corn, but since I was too scared to actually watch that movie, I'm not sure if there were actual children who were bad in it, ANYWAY.....they were shouting out, dancing, talking, it was a total zoo.  AND THAT IS WITH THE BEST SUB IN THE BOOK.  I think it is just an indicator that the kids are ready to be out of school almost as much as teachers.  So.... after lunch and a lot of wrinkle making evil eyes toward them, I decided,  it's time to bring out the big guns-- some make and take.  And a book about the earth would be just the thing. Some good old cut and paste and color your fingers off  kind of project,  I mean, stay ENGAGED while you come back to reality, kind of project.  Since it's time for one of our favorite books to read during this time of the year   anyway, The Earth Book by Todd Parr, 
 why not make the make and take good and educational.  This book has lots of easy and smart ideas on how even a child can help to make the earth a better place to live.  From using both sides of the paper, to riding our  bikes to school...this book is full of ideas that the kids can relate to, and it reads just like they speak.  We had this book extension in progress, but I had to pull out the book making section before another minute went by or someone was going to be in big trouble. Probably me.  And it worked like a charm. The books were adorable, and they do love their own work don't they????
Quiet was restored, sanity slowly crept back in, and we looked and sounded somewhat normal again.  Peace at last.  

Luckily for us it RAINED, and we couldn't go outside to play, so instead we got to watch the author Todd Parr himself read the book to us on YouTube while we had our snack.  He did a much better job than I did earlier.  They loved it! You can get a copy of the book from Amazon in just two days if you have Amazon Prime! We're hooked on this book for sure.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Earth Day~Roll and Add

If you are looking for a fast seasonal  math center, here ya go. It has a roll and add to 12 and also includes roll and add to 18 for rolling and adding 3 dice,   with an Earth Day theme. We pulled it out of our Earth Day packet for those who love seasonal centers like us. It's cute and functional, and you know we can NEVER get enough practice with those math facts. It's $1.50 in our TPT store. Click below to get there faster. 

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Earth Day

I'm so excited! Earth Day is just around the corner.  I LOVE Earth Day festivities and teaching my children about the importance of taking care of this place we call home. Today I read
Long Live Earth
to my first graders. It really gets us all thinking about saving our planet.For years we have been reading books and doing activities with our kids to teach them things they can do, even as little people, to save our world. We end our unit by going out and planting a tree at the back side of our play area as a gift to Earth. This year we decided to share some of our classroom activities with others, and we added a few new ones too. Our 
Let's Celebrate Earth Day 
packet includes writing, math, and 
just plain old fun stuff that may actually teach them something too. One thing is for sure, it will keep their attention on the matter at hand... 
Check it out below.  
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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Frog on a Log - Book Extension

Frog on a Log by Kes Gray is a read-aloud story that will have kids rhyming in no time! It's such a simple text and the characters are so adorable! Cats sit on mats, hares sit on chairs, mules sit on stools, gophers sit on sofas, and so on. Each animal's seat rhymes with that animal's name.  The problem is that frog does not want to sit on a log. Cat explains that every animal has a special place to sit. At the end, frog has another question-- what do dogs sit on!?!?

We have the perfect book extension 
to go along with this book.  

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Chicken Little - Book Extension

Today we read CHICKEN LITTLE  by Rebecca and Ed Emberley.  Just look at these illustrations!!  

We read several different versions, but this version was our class favorite. The kids especially loved the sound effects, like BONK! ONK! OOP! EEP! AWK!
I tried to recreate the cute chick on the cover, although I loved them, they did remind me a bit of ANGRY BIRDS, ha. 

Anyway, this book led us into much deeper thoughts, like 
"Did I hatch from an egg?" 
We then got all into animals that DO hatch, and wow were they excited.  We learned a cool new word 
I made a little lined circle for underneath so they could flip up the chick and show their favorite oviparous animal. 
We are just getting warmed up about eggs even though Easter is over.  I'm sure by the end of the week my brain will be FRIED! 
(Or at least scrambled), 
but totally worth it.     
Anyway, who doesn't feel like the sky is falling on them every now and then?!?! Seven more weeks and so much to do.  It's falling alright. 

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