Monday, February 2, 2015

Valentine's Day FREEBIES

Needs some FREEBIES for Valentine's Day???  

Valentine Make Words Activity for First Grade
Just in time for Valentines Day!! How many words can you make out of the word VALENTINE?!?! This Make Words activity can be done whole group or in small group!  Click here for this FREEBIE!

Valentines Day Fact Family Practice

This Valentine Fact Family sheet is a great way to assess students knowledge of relationships between addition and subtraction facts. The last one is a little more challenging!!

Valentine's Day Numbers To 120 Mystery Picture

This is a little different than your typical Mystery Picture! We are working on Place Value. With this activity, they read the number in “tens and ones” and then locate the number themselves. They can check off as they find them. They love it!!! We hope your students enjoy this activity too!  Check it out here!

Valentine - Numbers To 120 - Place Value Riddles

If you are working on Place Value, your kids will love this! It is Common Core aligned and perfect to use whole group as well as an assessment. We gave you a blank sheet to use whole group for several days. Once they get comfortable, give them the assessment sheet. Click here to get this FREEBIE!