Monday, December 14, 2015

Santa's Book of Names - Book Extension

One thing EVERY little person wants to know is if they are on "THE LIST." Well, all could have been lost one Christmas if Edward hadn't saved the day.   In 
Santa's Book of Names, 
Edward, a little boy,  who can't read finds Santa's Book of Names that was dropped on Edward's floor as Santa was leaving. Edward has to catch Santa. Santa asks for help reading the names as he drives, so Edward goes along for the ride.  See if he is able help Santa, when Santa loses his glasses and can't read the list. This is a great book that all first graders love and can really relate to.   

If you are looking for a way to get your children excited about reading, especially at this exciting time of year, try this book extension for December. This book is a fun story about Santa's book of children's names. There are anchor charts for the genre fiction. There are also many engaging activities for reading, writing, and more. Students will be learning about sequencing, plot, and story elements in a fun way, as well several activities that teach alphabetical order. The children will enjoy making text to self connections and comparisons with their own Christmas experiences. Check it out by clicking below. 

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Party To Go - Reindeer Games

   Need a quick and easy Christmas Party for your kiddos? This Party to Go package makes your Christmas party easy as pie.  All you have to do is print the parts you want to use, laminate or put in page protectors (or both) and you will be set.  After having a couple of years without a homeroom mom, we decided to put together our own party package that could be pulled out year after year, with little or not planning.  Inside you will find everything you need to keep the children engaged so that they have fun and are not wild and out of control  overly excited and louder than normal. Ha! And if you are lucky, you can just hand it over to your homeroom mom and say, "Here you go, run with it."  

   Included in the package is a plan for how to start your day and progress through the games. YOU MUST STATE YOUR PARTY RULES (included)  if you expect the kids to follow them. We always start the morning off with a coloring contest.  We have these about once a month to encourage neatness and a love of art, so they already know what to expect and that no scribble scrabbles are acceptable.  The prizes are rewards from the reward box we already have in class or they may choose ice-cream from the teacher with their lunch. We send them to be judged by our impartial office aide Terri , who by the way LOVES getting to participate. She even has to enlist the help of the school nurse when she gets down to the finals sometmes. LOL! Anyway, this starts your day quietly and calmly as you wait for the party to begin, if you have it early like we do.  We release from school at half day, so our party has to be first thing in the morning.    

   Next you move to a game you can play away from your desk while moms fix our plate of goodies.  This year we had snowy treats that were suitable for morning. I googled Frozen Parties.  LOTS to choose from on Pinterest.  Anyway, we played the Reindeer Scrambler game where the kids are given all the letters needed to spell all the reindeer names.  They are placed in teams of four (teams drawn from a miniature toy bag of name tags from our Santa's Book of Names extension), given a baggie of letters and they begin when you say GO!   The first team finished with all the names jumps up and yells Reindeer Rock! Or whatever you want them to say. I have a list of reindeer names from the previous day that I put out after about 7-10 minutes.  They can use it for a reference,  

    Next, we move back to our seats to eat our snacks while we play Pin the Nose on Rudolph.  This is a good game to play while they eat since you only need two students at a time.  I call  up two students (from the name bag), hand them a red nose with tape on the back, and an piece of construction paper to cover their eyes. This helps to keep us germ free and they can toss the paper or keep it to draw on when their turn is over.  I spin them around two times, and they pin the nose on. The winner of the two players (whoever gets closest to the real nose) gets  2 Christmas stickers.  The other player gets one for being a good sport--if they earned it. After eating we go to one of the other games depending on how much time we have.  I always try to get in the Reindeer Walk at the end when they are bursting with sugar joy and about to leave for Christmas.  I don't use all of the numbers, but we included them if you need them.  I just used 10.  The rule was whoever is in front of the number called is out.  The next game I changed it up to whoever is behind the number.  You can make it your own to suit yourself.  A little cleaning up and they are out the door and YOU are not pulling your hair out and writing all their names on the Naughty List.  This has been a real lifesaver for sure.  To get your own, click below.

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever - Book Extension

We love reading then making The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever every December. We use this book to teach visualizing, sequencing, retelling, and vocabulary. It is also a great story starter to see where your children get their Christmas trees.  Be ready for some really fun stories about where Christmas trees come from. We created a book extension filled with things we do with this book in our classrooms.  Click below to be redirected to our TPT store and then click the preview to see what is included.  We even have a pattern to make the Biggest Christmas Tree they have Ever made, so far anyway.   Happy reading!

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Santa's Stuck - Book Extension

Isn't it realistic (if you are 6) to think Santa, with his jelly belly COULD get stuck in the chimney? What a fright that would be! Anyway, this book is always a hit with our first graders as we get ready for that jolly elf's visit.  Check out some of the things we teach with this book by looking at our book extension that goes with it in our TPT store.  Click below to be redirected, then click on the preview to see what we do with our kids.  This book is a must have for Christmas!!!

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Polar Express - Book Extension

This book is such a touching story about believing in things you can't see.  It is a must have for reading aloud before Christmas holidays.  As a first grade teacher, we always get that big question, "Is Santa real?" and our answer is always the same,  "He is real as long as you BELIEVE he is real."  And isn't that true?  He IS real, for a little while at least.  Haven't you ever, even as an adult, listened in the quiet time before falling asleep on Christmas Eve, hoping to hear the sounds of those jingle bells?  Does the magic ever really end??? 

Check out some things we do in our classrooms with this book by clicking below. You will be redirected to TPT where you can click on a preview to see what is included.  
Happy Holidays 

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thanksgiving is For Giving Thanks - Book Extension

This is one of those stories that reminds us of the reason for the season.  Check out the fun stuff we like to do with our first graders by looking at our book extension on this book in our TPT store.  Click below to be redirected, then click preview to see all the fun you can have with this book as you teach those needed and required reading and language skills during one of our favorite holiday seasons. 

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Friday, November 13, 2015

I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie - Book Extension

Could this old lady swallow much more??? Her doctor bill must be out of sight, but she sure is interesting to read about.  Be sure to start with the original version so the kids can see where this came from. After reading we love  decorating a Kleenex box and poking things in her mouth in the correct order in small group, which is  great for teaching sequencing.  Your kids will see that old ladies just have a lot of natural charm.  WE SHOULD KNOW.   

Get our book extension for even more fun stuff to do with this book.  Click below to be directed to our TPT store, then click on the preview to see what we do with our kiddos.   

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

10 Fat Turkeys - Book Extension

A Thanksgiving time favorite book, Ten Fat Turkeys can be used for all kinds of fun learning. We use it to teach vocabulary, sequencing, rhyming words,and retelling. Check out our book extension in our TPT store to see what we do with our first graders.  Be sure to click on the preview 
to see samples of what is inside.  

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Franklin's Thanksgiving - Book Extension

Who doesn't love Franklin? See what happens in this holiday tale with one of our old favorite characters.  It's great for having children think about their own Thanksgiving meal, and who all will be invited.  Check out some fun things to do with this book by using our book extension in our TPT store. Just click below and click on the preview.  Do turtles eat turkeys????? Hmmm. I wonder.  

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Monday, November 2, 2015

A Turkey for Thanksgiving - Book Extension

What a great surprise ending for Turkey when he gets to the dinner table.  After reading about this poor turkey, you may even want to change your own Thanksgiving menu, lol. The kids will love the surprise at the end. We love doing all kinds of fun things with this book and we included some of them in a book extension in our TPT store.  Find it by clicking below and then click on the preview and see all the things you can do with your students using this book.  

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October Book Extension Bundle

The cover of this bundle shows you all the books we used and  included in this bundle.  Get it for a discount when you purchase it all together.  Click on each book's preview in our TPT store to see what you get with each extension, all packaged up in one easy purchase.  
Happy Halloween reading!!!
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Monday, October 19, 2015

Stellaluna - Book Extension

This is a precious story of a little lost bat that thinks it's a bird, until while flying she realizes she is different.  It is great book to use to teach your children tolerance, and acceptance of those who are different.  We created a book extension to go with this book to teach even more.  Get it in our TPT store by clicking below.  Click on the preview to see all the things we do with this wonderful story.  It's a must have book!!!

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bat Jamboree - Book Extension

This very musical book will have your feet tapping and your legs moving as you listen to the rhythmic tale of some funny dancing bats.  We always read it during the weeks before Halloween and make the kids go BATTY for a little while as we have fun with this book.  Check out our book extension for more things to do with this book to promote comprehension and writing and much more.  Click below to see it in our store on TPT and click preview to see what we included.  

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Mouse's First Halloween - Book Extension

How does a mouse feel about his first Halloween?  Read this book to find out. Click below to see some of the fun things we do with our first graders after reading this book to teach comprehension skills like visualizing and sequencing.  This story is also great to go back and reread to see who did what, then try matching the action to the animal. We have included work that can be done whole group, in centers or in interactive notebooks.  Click below to be redirected to our TPT story and check out the preview to see what we do.  

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Room on the Broom - Book Extension

This book is a cute story about the adventures of a witch on a broom that loses and finds things along her flight. It's a perfect book for retelling, or sequencing.  We have a book extension that will give you fun things to do to really get the most of this book with your students.  Check it out in our TPT story by clicking below and then click preview and see what all you get.  This book is a Halloween must have.  If you don't own it, borrow from someone who does or find it on YouTube.  Halloween time is so fun!!

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Big Pumpkin - Book Extension

We never let a Halloween go by without reading this funny story of what can happen with a little trust and teamwork.  It has a fun predictable repetition that will have your students chiming in to read along with you.  We have a book extension that adds even more fun to this story. Click below to get it in our TPT store and then click preview to see all the things we included to use in word work stations, or whole group comprehension practice.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

The Runaway Pumpkin - Book Extension

First graders love listening to this story.  They have a natural love of animals and adventure and this book includes both.  See what happens on the farm when a pumpkin starts rocking and rolling through the countryside.  Beware, you are in for a wild pumpkin ride.  We put together a book extension that lets you go back, reread, and practice comprehension skills like visualizing, and story mapping, as well as vocabulary and sequencing.  It also has a great word work rhyming words activity. Click below to get it in our TPT store and click on the preview to see what we have inside.      
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Thursday, September 10, 2015

David Goes To School - Book Extension

Why do we love to see this little guy getting in trouble? Better him than me I  say. Maybe it's the bare  bottom picture. We know that page brings out the giggles in us all.  In this book David gets in all kinds of trouble at school, which makes it the perfect teaching tool for the first days of school. Then follow up with some fun activities from our book extension packet. Check it out in our TPT store by clicking below.


We have lots of activities that help your students get into the details of this story. See the preview on TPT for an idea of what's included.
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Monday, September 7, 2015

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie - Book Extension

We read this book because it's a perfect fit with the randomness of a first graders way of thinking. They will love filling in the blank when you ask them what he will want next, and then they will most certainly fight over it when you are finished. It's also so predictable that they can memorize learn to read it quickly. We all know the first step to reading is believing you can. This book has some negative reviews, but that's because none of the reviewers are 6 years old. 

After reading this book, try some of our activities in the following book extension. Check it out in our TPT store. 

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

How Do Dinosaurs Go To School - Book Extension

What if you were a dinosaur and you had to go to school? Kids are naturally fascinated with dinosaurs so it is not hard to keep their attention when you read this book.  One in a series of How Do Dinosaurs... this book is just as entertaining as the rest. It will bring a smile to your face as you see how dinosaurs handle the common situations in a classroom setting.  We ♥ this book. 

After reading, try some of the activities that we do with our first graders.  We use it to help reinforce rules, and have them create a rule of their own.  We then have them cut, read, sort, and paste things a dinosaur should and shouldn't do into their chart.  Reduced to 85%, the pages will fit into your interactive reading journals.  Check out the book extension below sold in our TPT store to learn more.

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Monday, August 31, 2015

Harold and The Purple Crayon - Book Extension

This book has been a K-1 favorite for as long as we have been teaching, and that's pretty much FOREVER!  We love Harold and his UNBELIEVABLE  imagination.  Just where could a purple crayon take YOU! When he is supposed to be sleeping, Harold decides to create a whole world of experiences by drawing them IN his world with a purple crayon, until at last he draws his bed, and draws the covers up over himself and goes to sleep.  Most young children will relate to Harold, because they see the world through crayon purple colored glasses all the time.  After reading, try some of our favorite things to do with this book from our book extension in our TPT store.   

Get it here.

One of our favorite activities is getting to use all those odd colored purple crayons!  They get to color the picture using ONLY purple. Have you ever noticed how many shades of purple there are? 

Reducing pages on the printer / copier to 85% will make them fit into your Reading Journals! 

In this extension, you will find many engaging activities to promote comprehension, and much more. 

Things I Like - Book Extension

We just read Things I Like by Anthony Browne.  It's such a simple text and easy for first graders (and kindergartners) to relate to.  They love to tell you everything that they like!  We use this book as we introduce making lists.  They can make all kinds of lists like... "Things I like to do after school." Or, "Things I like to eat" or "Things I like to play".  And the list goes on and on.

We made a book extension to go along with this book!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Crayons Talk - Book Extension

Another fun back to school book we love is 

My Crayons Talk  
Image result for my crayons talk book
by Patricia Hubbard.

If you want to get a great conversation started with a first grader just ask one what  their favorite color is, and why.  They love talking about colors.  That converstaion makes a great intro to this book that goes through the colors in a crayon box, relates them to something that symbolizes that color, in a rhythmic silly way. If crayons could talk, what would they say??? Then you can follow up with activites from our book extension like the ones below.  Also the writing possibilities are endless.  What colors should dragons be? If you could change the color of the sky, what would you make it? Why DOES red mean stop and green mean go? Hmmm.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Franklin Goes To School - Book Extension

We love reading Franklin Goes To School 
by Paulette Bourgeois. 

Let's face it. First days of school can be scary for everyone, including teachers! This book is perfect for the first week of school because Franklin has all the same fears and anxiety we all can relate to when doing something for the first time. Once he gets to school his teacher sees that he is a good artist and he suddenly doesn't feel so scared anymore. It teaches us how the smallest amount of kindness can change a child's world.  We put together some fun activities to go along with this book to get them to dig a little deeper into the story to work on comprehension skills. Here is our book extension in our TPT store. Your kids will love it! 

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Sequencing / Retelling


Flip Book

These are just a few of the activities in the extension.