Monday, May 13, 2013


We had a little fun with crabs last Friday!!  We read all about marine crabs and hermit crabs!!  Then we went crab hunting!!  They chose  6 crabs from a bucket and glued them in ABC order on a strip of "sand".  Next they wrote the words on a sheet and used each word in a sentence.  We also stayed busy with crab facts, more ABC order, watched videos of hermit crabs changing shells, and making paper plate crabs!!  I remembered to take a few pictures!! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


It's that time of year again!!  I love ending the year with a beach theme, filled with lots of review!!  Of course a trip to the beach always helps get me in the mood!!   We always bring back a bag full of shells for incentives!!   When I see good behavior, I send them to the "sand" to pick out a shell!  They love it!!  You'd think I'd brought back gold!!  Here's a little picture of what my world was like for 4 days!!  I hope it helps to get YOU in the mood too!

I have a complete Beach/Ocean Animal Unit available on TPT.  If you are interested in the 93-page unit, you can click HERE to get it!  A snapshot of the preview is below!!  It is full of ideas to keep your kids engaged the entire month of May!!

We started our day off brainstorming things we already know about FISH!

Then it's time to read Swimmy!  The kids love the story and it teaches them a valuable lesson too.  We painted a huge Swimmy and his friends for the hallway!!  The rest of the day will be spent reading and learning about many different kinds of fish!!

We even had time for paper-plate fish!

Time to log into our "Under The Sea" booklet.  At the end of the day the "underwater experts" write a few facts about the ocean animal we studied.  It's interesting to see which facts stuck in their minds!!