Thursday, September 10, 2015

David Goes To School - Book Extension

Why do we love to see this little guy getting in trouble? Better him than me I  say. Maybe it's the bare  bottom picture. We know that page brings out the giggles in us all.  In this book David gets in all kinds of trouble at school, which makes it the perfect teaching tool for the first days of school. Then follow up with some fun activities from our book extension packet. Check it out in our TPT store by clicking below.


We have lots of activities that help your students get into the details of this story. See the preview on TPT for an idea of what's included.
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Monday, September 7, 2015

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie - Book Extension

We read this book because it's a perfect fit with the randomness of a first graders way of thinking. They will love filling in the blank when you ask them what he will want next, and then they will most certainly fight over it when you are finished. It's also so predictable that they can memorize learn to read it quickly. We all know the first step to reading is believing you can. This book has some negative reviews, but that's because none of the reviewers are 6 years old. 

After reading this book, try some of our activities in the following book extension. Check it out in our TPT store. 

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

How Do Dinosaurs Go To School - Book Extension

What if you were a dinosaur and you had to go to school? Kids are naturally fascinated with dinosaurs so it is not hard to keep their attention when you read this book.  One in a series of How Do Dinosaurs... this book is just as entertaining as the rest. It will bring a smile to your face as you see how dinosaurs handle the common situations in a classroom setting.  We ♥ this book. 

After reading, try some of the activities that we do with our first graders.  We use it to help reinforce rules, and have them create a rule of their own.  We then have them cut, read, sort, and paste things a dinosaur should and shouldn't do into their chart.  Reduced to 85%, the pages will fit into your interactive reading journals.  Check out the book extension below sold in our TPT store to learn more.

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