Monday, August 22, 2016

Wemberly Worried - Book Extension

Wemberly is a real worrier. She especially worries about the first day of school and what will happen there. This story is perfect for the first days of school. It lets the children see that their worries are shared by others around them. We all have worries, don't we?!?!
We put together some of our favorite fun and engaging activities to get your students thinking. We included writing activities, comprehension activities, and some just for fun activities too.
Wemberly Worried Book Extension 1-2
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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Super Spellers Editable Pack

We have been providing spelling packets to be used with the Wonders Reading Series that our school system adopted.  We had so many requests from teachers to make our packs editable so that they could use their own spelling lists.  Here it is!!  With this pack you can put in the words you want each week.  If you use theme words, add a million dollar word for a bonus point, differentiate the words or use words from the books you are reading, you will find this a great tool.  We hope it you find it helpful! It includes fun things to do with spelling words, some reward certificates for positive reinforcement, and most importantly, editable spelling lists!  

Super Spellers Editable Spelling Pack Grades K-5
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Chrysanthemum - Book Extension

Are you looking for a quick, engaging activity to celebrate back to school and all those wonderful new names in your class? This book extension is short and sweet and gets the job done. We have loved this book for years!!! (You can get it from Amazon in two days with PRIME, maybe even one day if you time it right.) We had to do a book extension to go with it. We knew the kids would love it. There is a graphic organizer to do whole group, with a partner or individually, writing activities, comprehension activities, vocabulary words, a sheet for home and a craftivity to make Chrysanthemum.We also included some graphing for math that makes counting letters in your name fun.
Chrysanthemum - Book Extension  for Grade 1-2
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Monday, August 8, 2016

"I Can" Statement Posters

We created these "I Can" statements for first grade language and math common core standards with reference numbers to make it easy for teachers to display the standards they are teaching in kid friendly (and teacher friendly) language. It keeps you and your students focused on the skills being taught and provides evidence to visitors that you are standards conscious. They have a task card design and each standard is offered in 1/2 page and whole page.  We also included a full page that you can use to divide each strand for easily organizing them into a notebook or file folder.

We made them with a pencil on each page for a basic school theme. 
 I Can Statements For First Grade- Pencil Theme

We had two teachers request special themes, so we also have them in a red and black ladybug theme and a 70's peace theme as well. 

I Can Statements For First Grade- Black and Red Ladybug Theme                   I Can Statements For First Grade- Peace 70's Theme

If you would like a custom color to match your classroom, please email us at with your color request. We will do our best to accommodate!