Friday, September 1, 2017

Substitute Survival

Have you ever realized you need a sub at the last minute and had a full blown panic attack because you knew getting your act together was going to be IMPOSSIBLE??? Have you ever gone to work SICK because you were too SICK to do all the prepping for a sub? We have all been there. Wellllllllll PROBLEM SOLVED! We created and used this pack last year to see if it was helpful, and OMGoodness was it ever. Once we put in all the information we were set for an entire year. In this pack you will get everything you need to create a binder with all the pertinent information a sub would need to run your class smoothly, as well as activities for each day of the week. You will put in all of your information for the binder first, then take your time making the copies and filling the file folders with everything a sub would need for the day. We included reading, math, and writing that would work on any day of the week. In no time you have a Substitute Survival Kit- which will include an info binder with procedures and tub of activities, one for each day of the week - and suddenly being out of the classroom will be stress free. We included everything we could think of that a sub might need. The activities are geared toward K-3, but many parts of this could be used in any grade. All you will need to add will be 5 ANYTIME read aloud books that are not tied to a holiday or season. Pop them in the folder with the student sheets and you are ready. We hope you find it as helpful as we have. We ♥ hearing from you, so please let us know how it works for you in your tpt comments. I can honestly say this was a LIFE CHANGER!

Once you have it set up, you are ready for the entire year!!!

The Lesson Plans are easy to set up and super easy to follow.  Each day of the week is different.

Your classroom procedures take a little time to fill out, BUT once you have it in there, they are a life saver!  And they won't change much from year-to-year.  That'll make next year even easier!

                           You can get this must-have resource here!
Sub Tub Editable Quick Plans

If you have any questions about how we set ours up, please e-mail us at

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Ten Black Dots Book Extension

Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews is another favorite for kindergartners and first graders. Who doesn't love playing with black Avery dots??? (purchased from Amazon to save the hassle of searching). The possibilities are endless. This book extension has many fun math activities including ways to make 10, using a ten frame, and counting to improve number sense. We also included two booklets to make and some sequencing as well. Give your kids ten black dots and see what they can create, write what it is secretly in pencil at the bottom or on the back, cover and let others guess what they made with their 10 black dots. You will see who your really creative kids are right away. My personal favorite was the fidget spinner.  We hope you enjoy it! 


There is so much more in the packet!! Your kids will have a blast working with numbers to 10! Check out the preview to see what all you'll be doing with this awesome book              by Donald Crews!

Ten Black Dots Book Extension
You can get the extension here!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes

Well, it's been too long since we blogged but with good reason.  WE LOVE SPENDING TIME WITH OUR GRANDS IN THE SUMMER! And for one of us, the summer was a time of healing. Have you ever had a school year when you needed A LOT of hot baths to take you away at the end of the school day? Well, that was my year last year.  I had  5 special children, 4 behavior problems, my own hormone issues, vitamin B12 deficiency and anemia (thank you Nexium, I'll file a lawsuit with you if I ever get the time), days with no break from my kids (not even 5 minutes to go to the bathroom),  and more meetings than I could count--- leaving me totally used up.  Had I not had the summer to recover I might be in a mental hospital----or jail! I would like to send a personal THANK YOU to the person who decided schools should break after 9 months.  I really think it's in the best interest of the children, for their safety and welfare, in some cases.  

NOWWWWWW we have a clean slate, new kiddos. lots of new ideas in our planner, and lots of work to do.  So here is one of our newest favorite things to share with you, a Pete the Cat book extension.  These books have been around a while, but we couldn't resist the school shoes version for back to school time.  Most of our kids have had to get new shoes, so this was the perfect opportunity to work on color words and write about something they love--shoes.  Pete is about the coolest cat in town.  We love this simple book, and Pete, the groovy, fun-loving character. Check it out in our TPT store and see the preview for all that is included, "'Cause it's all good!" Oh, and Happy New "School" Year! 

Here is a little sample of what we have on display! 

Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes:  Back to School Book Extension for K-2

You can get it here!


IT'S A 42-PAGE FREEBIE YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS! Kids LOVE their pockets and putting things in them, so this activity, that is so old we can't remember where it came from is still a huge hit with our first graders. On every 10th day of school we have Pocket Day. We use counting cubes and put one in each pocket. Then as a group we count our cubes to see how many pockets are in the group, then add to make a class total. We keep track of our last total and see if we can beat it each time. We use the counting time to incorporate a bunch of counting and addition activities. We break them into groups of 10, count the leftovers, and figure out how many more it needs to get to 10. It is also a great way to introduce place value. Your kiddos will LOVE it too! They always look forward to POCKET DAY!!!

Pocket Day Counting Activites
You can get this FREEBIE here!!

Here are a few pages that you'll get, but there is so much more!
Pocket Day Counting Activites

Pocket Day Counting Activites

Friday, April 7, 2017

7 More Weeks

I read this blog post just before entering the classroom after spring break.

I LOVE this! It's just what I needed to read after a week at the beach and desperately wanting to stay and never return!!!  We also spend the next 7 weeks making notes for next year's teacher. 

      This one will be great at getting your mail. 

      This one can get papers to any teacher in the school for you. 
      This one will cry during a storm, so remind her it's just the angels bowling and 
      when it thunders a loud boom, someone just got a strike (my daddy I'm sure).
      This one is overly dramatic, so a scratch is REALLY going to hurt. 
      This one has dyslexia but she will never stop trying. 
      This one (who has been through safety training, lol) can be
       trusted to spray the bathroom with air freshener.
      This one- never, NEVER let her touch the air freshener (unless you need an 
       hour outdoors while the fog clears). 

Yes, they drive me CRAZY some days, but I love ever one of them, and I will be telling them so, for the next 7 weeks.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


   Here is another FREEBIE just in time for Christmas!!  We have this type activity in our Wonders packets. It's an all time favorite during Workshop!!  All they have to do is cut out the scrabble letters, arrange to spell the words and add up the points!!  The kids love this!!  For those that need it, you can write the words on the board to help with spelling. (elf, tree Santa, bell, holly, toys)

Santa's Spell & Add FREEBIE

Click here to get this FREEBIE!!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas FREEBIE

It's cold.  It's raining.  There are 4-1/2 days until Christmas break. Need a quick FREEBIE?  We did too!  Enjoy!  And Merry Christmas!
Santa's Word Find FREEBIE
Click here for the FREEBIE!

For more Christmas FUN, check out our December book extensions! We picked some of our all time favorite books! They will certainly help get your students excited about reading!