Tuesday, March 12, 2019


 It's almost time for BASKETBALL!! Are you ready for all the games? Chances are your students will be seeing a lot of games at home, too. So, why not get in on the action at school!?!?! We have a 17 page FREEBIE that you'll need to  download today.  

Check it out here!
March Madness Freebie for First Grade

March Madness Freebie for First Grade March Madness Freebie for First Grade

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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Click, Clack, Moo I Love You! Book Extension

LOVE is in the air this month, and there is nothing more fun to read about than this click, clackin' barnyard crew getting ready for a Valentine's Day dance. We love all of Doreen Cronin's click clack books, but this one is extra special due to it's BEAUTIFUL glittery pages your kids will love and HAVE to touch. GO GET THE BOOK!  And then click below for an extension to the book and an EASY day full of love and learning!!

Click,Clack,Moo I Love You Book Extension 1-2
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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Valentine's Party Panic?!

Well, it's February!  Time to squeeze in a million skills while trying to plan for the big Valentine's Day Party!! No problem, right?!?!?! Riiiggghhhttt!

We'd like to help! Valentine parties can be a smooth and pleasant experience with the right tools and the right plan. In this package you will have some of the things we have learned after many years of trying to manage the unmanageable. You will have games and activities to print and play, making YOUR day easy and fun as well. And guess what?  They'll be here, ready to go for years to come!!
Valentines Party To Go ~ Valentines Games and Activites
You can get this PARTY TO GO here!!

And while you're here... check out some of our other Valentine FREEBIES!!

Valentine's Day Booklet - Glue Your Valentines Inside to Make a Book
You'll find it here!

Valentine's Day Bingo with Conversation Hearts
You'll find it here!

Valentine's Day Numbers To 120 Mystery Picture
You'll find this here!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

The Jacket I Wear In The Snow Book Extension

This book extension is based on the classic story by Shirley Neitzel 'The Jacket I Wear In The Snow'.  It's an all time favorite of ours that we started using nearly 30 years ago as new teachers.  It is still being read today.  And we still love it!!  You'll find so many activities in the extension, including a fun "I Have Who Has" that will have your students practicing story detail, sequencing and recall!

The Jacket I Wear In The Snow Book Activity K-2           The Jacket I Wear In The Snow Book Activity K-2
     You can get this extension here!                           I Have Who Has

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Polar Opposites( Revisited)

This is a repost from 2016, but I just had to put it back out there.  This book is seriously the cutest and so so so perfect for this time of the year.

Have you seen Polar Opposites by Eric Brooks?  LOVE IT!  It's simple, but so cute!  The story is about a polar bear named Alex and a tiny penguin named Zina.  The story tells all the different ways that they are opposites, but still the best of friends. The illustrations are adorable and perfect for January! 

You've got to have this book extension.  I'm telling you, it is the cutest book and these activities are perfect to go along with it!  There are anchor charts for the genre fiction-fantasy and purpose. There are also many engaging activities for reading such as comprehension involving rereading to match opposite words, labeling, letter writing activities, coloring page to practice our artistic ability and work on fine motor skills. 

You also get a bonus! 

We INCLUDED the Game of I Have Who Has - Opposites.  It also sell separately.  Check out the links below!

Click here for the extension!

The game of I Have Who Has is such a GREAT way to assess your students on High Frequency Words and in this case, they will also be practicing OPPOSITES! In this game the students must read the cards to find out who has the opposite of their word.  It requires listening AND reading. Our students love to play!  If you would like your own, you can click here to purchase it from our store!  Did I mention it's only $1.50!  (or FREE if you get the book extension above!) What a deal!

And...while we're talking about OPPOSITES and WINTER and FRIENDS, check this out too.  This is an old book and I truly hope you can find it.  
This book is about two animals from polar opposite parts of the world who meet up and compare how OPPOSITE they really are. There are anchor charts for the genre fiction and purpose. There are also many engaging activities for reading such as comprehension involving rereading to match opposite words, labeling, letter writing activities, coloring pages to practice our artistic ability and work on fine motor skills. There is also a fun animal sort. 
The Adventures of Marco and Polo Book Extension 1-2
Click here for this book extension.

Monday, January 21, 2019

The BIGGEST Snowman Ever Book Extension

Books about snow are always a big hit with children everywhere. This book in particular is a great book to teach your children about team work. We all love Steven Kroll's characters, Desmond and Clayton!  In this book, these two little mice work together to build the BIGGEST SNOWMAN EVER!!
The Biggest Snowman Ever Book Activity K-2
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We also want to tell you about a favorite activity that one of our favorite Kindergarten teacher does with this book.  She has all her students tear up pieces of white construction paper into 1 inch pieces. (white copy paper works fine too.)  She doesn't tell the student "why".   Once they have finished, they try to hold all the pieces in their hand, they stand in a circle, and she counts...one, two, three...then, they "MAKE IT SNOW"!!!!  They throw all the pieces in the air.  Yes, it's crazy.  Yes, it's a mess.  But, now you read the book.  And now it's their turn to build THE BIGGEST SNOWMAN EVER!  They work hard to pick up all the "snow" and glue it down to make a class snowman!!  You can also make them in groups to see who makes the biggest.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Sneezy the Snowman Book Extension

Sneezy the Snowman is the perfect book for winter. This "cool" snowman is trying his best to find a way to warm up, but nothing seems to work. The children LOVE it, and it lends itself well to teaching rhyming words, writing activities, and sequencing activities.
Sneezy the Snowman Book Extension K-2
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