Wednesday, December 14, 2016


   Here is another FREEBIE just in time for Christmas!!  We have this type activity in our Wonders packets. It's an all time favorite during Workshop!!  All they have to do is cut out the scrabble letters, arrange to spell the words and add up the points!!  The kids love this!!  For those that need it, you can write the words on the board to help with spelling. (elf, tree Santa, bell, holly, toys)

Santa's Spell & Add FREEBIE

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Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas FREEBIE

It's cold.  It's raining.  There are 4-1/2 days until Christmas break. Need a quick FREEBIE?  We did too!  Enjoy!  And Merry Christmas!
Santa's Word Find FREEBIE
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For more Christmas FUN, check out our December book extensions! We picked some of our all time favorite books! They will certainly help get your students excited about reading!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Pumpkin Pickin' FREEBIE

It's FINALLY FRIDAY!!!!  I'm looking forward to an action packed weekend full of FOOTBALL, FESTIVALS, and RESTING up for Monday!!  Can you believe Halloween is on a MONDAY?!?!  That's so wrong!!

Here is a FREEBIE to add to you Fall collection! (or to help you get through Monday!) It can be used during Halloween, Thanksgiving or anytime this Fall! The kids love it!! HAPPY FALL Y'ALL!

Pumpkin Pickin'
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Thursday, October 27, 2016


Here's a quick and east FREEBIE to use during Halloween. We have been learning about NOUNS. We needed this is a simple review on determining if the word is a person, place or thing. Just a little something to add to your Halloween collection, or your sub tub. 
Trick-or-Treat! Nouns Are Sweet!
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Be sure to check out SPOOKTACULAR NOUNS if you need more practice with singular/plural and common/proper nouns!  You will get 5 different activities that will keep your students engaged during this crazy Halloween season!

Spooktacular Nouns
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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Let's Vote

Is everyone ready for the big event coming this November?!?!? Get your class excited about the election by letting them join in the fun. We have always let our children vote in a mock election so that they can voice their opinions like us adults. We created this fun voting pack to share some of the things we do with our children to help them understand the process of voting.

We start the theme off with a special election...Which animal would make the best family pet?  They get to campaign, make posters, make buttons, etc. Finally, they get to vote!  They absolutely love this!

And since it's ELECTION YEAR, so we had to include a section on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. We have them talk with their parents about the candidates so they can make an informed decision. We try to make the voting as realistic as possible. 
Let's Vote 2016!
You can get it HERE!

I Voted! FREEBIE labels to print for your class if you do a 
classroom election this year. They will print on Avery 5160 label sheets.  
You can get this FREEBIE here!!
I Voted! Avery 5160 Labels

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Number Word Practice

We needed more practice with number words, so we created a little extra practice to go along with our apple theme for September.  We included 3 different activities for practice. (Ordering Apples, A Number Word Booklet, and a center game called Gathering Apples.)  We also included a page to use for assessment because if you're like us, you need a grade.  This goes perfectly with our HUGE Apples! Apples! Apples! unit.  Be sure to check them both out at our TPT store.
Number Word Practice with Apples
You can get it here!

Friday, September 16, 2016


We are summer girls at heart!! But, there is something about the falling leaves, football games, cooler air and bonfires that get us excited about Fall. You can't do Fall without doing APPLES! We created this thematic teaching pack for those of us who love using apples to teach all kinds of things in September. It's full of activities and ideas that we have used for years! The apple theme will go right along with all the back to school things you do at this time of year. We included many fun language arts, science, and math activities and tools to make your classroom APPLEITIOUS for your students. ENJOY!
Apples, Apples, Apples!
 Check it out here!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Classroom Newsletter (editable)

We needed an EASY TO USE newsletter to send home to our parents each week (or so)!  This one is basic, easy to use, and consistent.  It has worked perfectly for communication with our parents. We wanted to share it with you! You can use the same one all year or change it up monthly.  The format stays the same.  Only the graphic in the top right corner changes.  Choose the one that fits your style, personality, or season, and because it is editable, you can add your own info and fonts. Our favorite fonts by far are CCfonts and Kevin and Amanda free fonts. Check them out!
Editable Class Newsletters
Check it our here!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Wemberly Worried - Book Extension

Wemberly is a real worrier. She especially worries about the first day of school and what will happen there. This story is perfect for the first days of school. It lets the children see that their worries are shared by others around them. We all have worries, don't we?!?!
We put together some of our favorite fun and engaging activities to get your students thinking. We included writing activities, comprehension activities, and some just for fun activities too.
Wemberly Worried Book Extension 1-2
Check it out here!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Super Spellers Editable Pack

We have been providing spelling packets to be used with the Wonders Reading Series that our school system adopted.  We had so many requests from teachers to make our packs editable so that they could use their own spelling lists.  Here it is!!  With this pack you can put in the words you want each week.  If you use theme words, add a million dollar word for a bonus point, differentiate the words or use words from the books you are reading, you will find this a great tool.  We hope it you find it helpful! It includes fun things to do with spelling words, some reward certificates for positive reinforcement, and most importantly, editable spelling lists!  

Super Spellers Editable Spelling Pack Grades K-5
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Chrysanthemum - Book Extension

Are you looking for a quick, engaging activity to celebrate back to school and all those wonderful new names in your class? This book extension is short and sweet and gets the job done. We have loved this book for years!!! (You can get it from Amazon in two days with PRIME, maybe even one day if you time it right.) We had to do a book extension to go with it. We knew the kids would love it. There is a graphic organizer to do whole group, with a partner or individually, writing activities, comprehension activities, vocabulary words, a sheet for home and a craftivity to make Chrysanthemum.We also included some graphing for math that makes counting letters in your name fun.
Chrysanthemum - Book Extension  for Grade 1-2
Check it out here!

Monday, August 8, 2016

"I Can" Statement Posters

We created these "I Can" statements for first grade language and math common core standards with reference numbers to make it easy for teachers to display the standards they are teaching in kid friendly (and teacher friendly) language. It keeps you and your students focused on the skills being taught and provides evidence to visitors that you are standards conscious. They have a task card design and each standard is offered in 1/2 page and whole page.  We also included a full page that you can use to divide each strand for easily organizing them into a notebook or file folder.

We made them with a pencil on each page for a basic school theme. 
 I Can Statements For First Grade- Pencil Theme

We had two teachers request special themes, so we also have them in a red and black ladybug theme and a 70's peace theme as well. 

I Can Statements For First Grade- Black and Red Ladybug Theme                   I Can Statements For First Grade- Peace 70's Theme

If you would like a custom color to match your classroom, please email us at with your color request. We will do our best to accommodate!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wonders First Grade - UPDATED and BUNDLED

Many of you have asked for BUNDLES and we've been unable to do this in the past. GREAT NEWS! BUNDLES are now available!!!!  We now have cuter and clearer fonts and a bunch of new graphics that gave it a cleaner look. We also added a couple of new things too.  If you already own these, go to your previous purchases and download the update for FREE, then just print the pages you want or need.  If you are new to Wonders, you will want these!!! 

Unit 1

Click here for Unit 1, Week 1. (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders - Unit 1 Week 1 - At School

Click here for Unit 1, Week 2. (UPDATED)
 1st grade Wonders - Unit 1 Week 2 - Where I Live

Click here for Unit 1, Week 3. (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders - Unit 1 Week 3 - Our Pets

Click here for Unit 1, Week 4.(UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders - Unit 1 Week 4 - Let's Be Friends

Click here for Unit 1, Week 5.(UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders - Unit 1 Week 5 - Let's Move!

Click here for Unit 1, Week 6. (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders - Unit 1 Week 6 - Review and Assess

Click here for the UNIT 1 BUNDLE!!!
1st Grade Wonders Reading ~  Unit 1 Bundle

Unit 2

Click here for Unit 2, Week 1. (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders - Unit 2 Week 1 - Jobs Around Town

Click here for Unit 2, Week 2. (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders - Unit 2 Week 2 - Buildings All Around Us

Click here for Unit 2, Week 3. (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders - Unit 2 Week 3 - A Community In Nature

Click here for Unit 2, Week 4. (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders - Unit 2 Week 4 - Let's Help

Click here for Unit 2, Week 5. (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders - Unit 2 Week 5 - Follow The Map

Click here for Unit 2, Week 6. (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders - Unit 2 Week 6 - Review and Assess

Click here for the UNIT 2 BUNDLE!!!
1st Grade Wonders - Unit 2 Bundle

Unit 3

Click here for Unit 3, Week 1 (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders - Unit 3 Week 1 - What Time Is It?

Click here for Unit 3, Week 2 (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders - Unit 3  Week 2 - Watch It Grow!

Click here for Unit 3, Week 3 (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders - Unit 3 Week 3 - Tales Over Time

Click here for Unit 3, Week 4 (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders - Unit 3 Week 4 - Now and Then

Click here for Unit 3, Week 5 (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders - Unit 3  Week 5 - From Farm to Table

Click here for Unit 3, Week 6 (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders - Unit 3 Week 6 - Review, Extend, Assess

Click here for the UNIT 3 BUNDLE!!!
1st Grade Wonders - Unit 3 Bundle

Unit 4

Click here for Unit 4, Week 1 (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders  Unit 4 Week 1 Animal Features

Click here for Unit 4, Week 2 (UPDATED)
 1st Grade Wonders  Unit 4  Week 2  Animals Together

Click here for Unit 4, Week 3 (UPDATED)
  1st Grade Wonders  Unit 4 Week 3 In the Wild

Click here for Unit 4, Week 4 (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders  Unit 4  Week 4  Insects

Click here for Unit 4, Week 5 (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders  Unit 4  Week 5 Working With Animals

Click here for Unit 4, Week 6 (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders - Unit 4 Week 6 - Review, Extend, Assess

Click here for the UNIT 4 BUNDLE!!!
1st Grade Wonders - Unit 4 Bundle

Unit 5

                                                 Click here for Unit 5, Week 1 (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders  Unit 5  Week 1  SEE IT, SORT IT

                                                 Click here for Unit 5, Week 2 (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders   Unit 5 Week 2  Up In The Sky

                                                 Click here for Unit 5, Week 3 (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders  Unit 5 Week 3  Great Inventions

                                                 Click here for Unit 5, Week 4 (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders  Unit 5 Week 4  Sounds All Around

                                                 Click here for Unit 5, Week 5 (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders  Unit 5 Week 5  Build It!

                                                 Click here for Unit 5, Week 6 (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders  Review and Assess Unit 5 Week 6

Click here for the Unit 5 BUNDLE!

1st Grade Wonders - Unit 5 Bundle

Unit 6

                                                 Click here for Unit 6, Week 1 (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders Unit 6 Week 1

                                                 Click here for Unit 6, Week 2 (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders Unit 6 Week 2  My Team

                                                 Click here for Unit 6, Week 3 (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders  Unit 6 Week 3  Weather Together

                                                 Click here for Unit 6, Week 4 (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders  Unit 6 Week 4  Sharing Traditions

                                                 Click here for Unit 6, Week 5 (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders Unit 6  Week 5 Celebrate America

                                                 Click here for Unit 6, Week 6 (UPDATED)
1st Grade Wonders  Unit 6 Week 6 Word Assessment

                                                     Click here for the Unit 6 BUNDLE!

          And this is a MUST HAVE for Science and Social                                   Studies!  It includes ALL 6 UNITS!!!

1st Grade Science and Social Studies
Get it here!