Friday, April 7, 2017

7 More Weeks

I read this blog post just before entering the classroom after spring break.

I LOVE this! It's just what I needed to read after a week at the beach and desperately wanting to stay and never return!!!  We also spend the next 7 weeks making notes for next year's teacher. 

      This one will be great at getting your mail. 

      This one can get papers to any teacher in the school for you. 
      This one will cry during a storm, so remind her it's just the angels bowling and 
      when it thunders a loud boom, someone just got a strike (my daddy I'm sure).
      This one is overly dramatic, so a scratch is REALLY going to hurt. 
      This one has dyslexia but she will never stop trying. 
      This one (who has been through safety training, lol) can be
       trusted to spray the bathroom with air freshener.
      This one- never, NEVER let her touch the air freshener (unless you need an 
       hour outdoors while the fog clears). 

Yes, they drive me CRAZY some days, but I love ever one of them, and I will be telling them so, for the next 7 weeks.


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